Warehouse Relocation

We are expertise in industrial and warehouse relocation. Our team will do the present location survey & will propose the best possible plan to customer to avoid any current business interruption. We do the relocation on sector basis to avoid any confusions at new location & for easiness of arrangements at new location.

A project supervisor will assign the contract to help “one point of contact” to customer for any kind of discussions with the client’s team to plan the relocation. The planning relates to the movement of the stored material, the equipment, and the racks. The racks were dismantled and transported to the new warehouse, where they were delivered at the designated area in the warehouse as per the new layout plans. The storage boxes/pallets were also loaded carefully and transported. Our team then unpacked and assembled the racks to recreate the warehouse in the new place. We will do everything related to your warehouse which is in ally with ISO standard including rack guards, safety markings, various hoarding etc..

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