About Accent Cargo

At ACCENT, we’re moving our customers forward by providing with a global network of transportation and logistics services powered by the world’s most advanced technologies. As a an emerging brand in UAE, we take the complexity out of the supply chain so that our

customers can deliver for their customers. Within a short period, we owned trust from our clients which drives us in constant pace.


About Us

Our Prime priorities:

  • Customer and employee solutions are time-consuming.
  • We accomplish our goals more efficiently.
  • Transparent Communication Collaboration properly do.
  • Providing independent advice for you.
  • 24/7 support available

Industries We Cover

Automotive Logistics

The auto industry demands just in time (JIT) shipping. While meeting JIT requirements is often the largest..

Fashion Logistics

We offer targeted processes for the fashion industry which are supported by responsive and integrative IT tools..

Lighting Industry

In fact, this is one of our core factor. We are the shipping agent, warehouse & distributor for world famous brands..

Healthcare Projects

Saving lives and improving quality of care is what the healthcare industry is all about. Build a smarter supply chain..

Project Cargo

With systematic organization and innovative solutions ACCENT Project Cargo offers optimum project logistics including..

Paper Industry

Paper mills never shut down, neither do we !! Whatever mode or strategy you choose, know that optimizing logistics across..


Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) form one of the largest industries worldwide. From our morning showers to our oats and fruit..


We offer unique industry solutions for the agricultural equipment market. Our dedicated professionals have proven their expertise..


From flowers or food – from origin to destination, we stand by your side – everything you need from one single source. We are..

Technology Logistics

We’re on a fourth industrial revolution. As technology advances and customer expectations shift, this becomes an..


24 Hrs regional and international AOG support.Express airfreight on top class carriers.Charter option for all aircraft type..

White-Glow Services

In simple terms, it is a premium delivery service, marked with special attention to details, especially with certain items that require..